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We invite you to join us at Stand B74 in Hall 4 to explore our latest collection of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Don’t miss out! We look forward to seeing you there.
We invite you to join us at Stand B74 in Hall 4 to explore our latest collection of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Don’t miss out! We look forward to seeing you there.
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Best Safety Work Gloves Manufacturer And Exporter In Pakistan

When it comes to protective handwear for working environments, Hilton Enterprises has been a trusted leader in the industry for over 25 years. Based in Faisalabad, Pakistan, Hilton manufactures a wide variety of high quality gloves designed to keep your hands safe and comfortable during tough jobs. From heavy-duty leather work gloves to seamless knit gloves ideal for detailed tasks, Hilton produces gloves for nearly every trade. Read on to learn more about the main categories of work gloves made by Hilton Enterprises and how to choose the right pair for your needs.

Leather Work Gloves

pair of grey colour blue double palm leather gloves

Leather gloves stand up to demanding projects and rugged conditions across many occupations. Hilton uses high grade leather along with protective features like reinforced palm patches to create durable and abrasion-resistant work gloves.

Key Benefits

  • Protect against cuts, punctures and abrasions
  • Durable for heavy-duty tasks
  • Good dexterity for handling tools
  • Heat and cold resistant options
  • Options with rubberized grips for good tool handling

Leather work gloves from Hilton provide the ultimate blend of comfort, durability and protection for electricians, carpenters, construction crews, machine operators and more.

Sports and Fitness Gloves

Neon colour Sports and Fitness Gloves with black design of hilton

Hilton also manufactures specialty sports and fitness gloves designed for activities like golf, weight lifting, cycling and more. These gloves help promote grip while protecting hands during fitness activities and recreational sports.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced grip and control
  • Padded palms absorb shock
  • Moisture wicking materials
  • Breathable fabrics
  • Streamlined fit

From a bodybuilder working the free weights at the gym to a serious cyclist putting miles on in all weather conditions, Hilton’s fitness gloves deliver performance and protection during training, competition and outdoor recreation.

Cotton Knitted Gloves

pair of yellow colour Cotton Knitted work Gloves with black dots

When fine motor skills and tactile sensitivity are needed on the job, Hilton’s cotton knitted gloves fit like a second skin while safeguarding hands. These flexible, lightweight gloves allow controlled dexterity for detailed tasks.

Key Benefits

  • Ultra thin profile
  • Sensitive touch feedback
  • Good airflow for comfort
  • Seamless designs
  • Close-fitting for precision

Cotton knitted gloves from Hilton give technicians, inspectors, assemblers and other detailed-oriented trades the blend of feel, finger dexterity and protection their work demands.

Cut & Sewn Gloves

Pair of white and red colour Cut & Sewn work Gloves

Some jobs call for gloves that are highly specialized for unique working environments and hazards. To meet these needs, Hilton offers made-to-order cut and sewn gloves customized for specific industries and applications.

Key Benefits

  • Engineered for special hazards
  • Can integrate protective features
  • Offered in alternative fabrics and coatings
  • Customized cuff lengths and closures

Hilton’s cut and sewn glove options allow companies to create customized hand protection perfect for their employees’ safety and productivity.

Choosing the Best Gloves By Trade

With all the options out there, it can be challenging to select the ideal safety work glove. The right choice depends on your particular occupation and the types of hazards your hands face on a daily basis.

Here’s a quick look at some of the best choices by trade:

Construction Workers

Construction crews contend with potential hand injuries ranging from cuts and abrasions to crush injuries. Leather palm gloves paired with breathable fabric backs balance durability with comfort through long hours working outdoors.

Slip resistant grips enhance tool control while knuckle protection and padded palms guard against impact. For colder weather, insulated leather gloves maintain flexibility despite plunging temps.


Heat degradation and burns are constant threats for welding professionals. Selecting flame retardant leather welding gloves is therefore imperative.

Gauntlet cuffed models offer expanded coverage up arms alongside advanced insulation for standing up to heavy duty heat. TIG welding gloves get engineered with supple leathers to afford the tactile sensitivity these precision tasks call for.


Working with live power means electricians gloves must provide exceptional insulation against accidental electrocution. Premium leather insulated styles rated for electrical work deliver this life preserving protection. They allow necessary dexterity for handling smaller wires while safeguarding against the dangers posed by exposed energized components. Added grip enhances security when ascending ladders with tools in hand.

Police and Security Workers

Gloves worn by police, corrections officers and security guards need to deliver protection without impeding defensive tactics or weapon handling. Cut resistant knitted gloves serve as an excellent choice here – providing slash protection without bulk. The thin yet snag-resistant gloves won’t hinder fine motor skills for tasks like operating firearms. Ringers additionally facilitate quick access to key fobs or tools on duty belts.


No single glove meets all the demands auto technicians contend with in busy garages. A mix of fingerless leather gloves for unimpeded mobility and maximum grip alongside fully coated models for hazardous solvents and fluids is optimal. Heat protection proves useful when handling exhaust components while cut resistant options add a layer of safety when working with sharp sheet metal edges or fasteners.

Landscapers and Gardeners

Landscaping crews battle everything from abrasive ropes and wood handles to rose thorns out in the field. Heavy-duty leather palm gloves with reinforced stitching withstand such abuse across long periods of kneeling, digging and hauling. Gardening gloves interlaced with spandex dial up the fit and feel. This flex-enhanced construction affords the delicate touch needed for handling soft plant matter without excess bulk. Breathable fourchette fingers promote ventilation as well.

Material Matters

Beyond general trade considerations, you also want to evaluate which glove materials align with your exposure risks before settling on a pair.

Leather Glove Materials

  • Split cowhide leather – Budget conscious option still reasonably tough
  • Premium cow grain leather – Top notch abrasion resistance
  • Goatskin leather – Natural lanolin content for oil/liquid resistance
  • Deerskin leather – Soft and pliable feel, ideal for detailed work
  • Pigskin leather – High dexterity matched with durability

Coated Glove Fabrics

  • Nitrile coatings – Superior solvent, oil and chemical resistance
  • Latex coatings – Stretchy fit with abrasion protection
  • Polyurethane coatings – Abrasion protection with good breathability
  • Vinyl coatings – Budget priced option for light liquid protection
  • Neoprene coatings – Contains latex proteins; chemical and cut protection

Considering application-specific fabric technologies ensures your hand protection gears up properly for the exposures surrounding your work.

Added Safety Features

Today’s work gloves integrate all kinds of special features for boosting protection against occupational hand hazards. Here are some key options to consider:

High Visibility Colors – Brilliant glove colors enhance visibility for work around vehicle traffic

Cut Resistant Fibers – Materials like high-performance polyethylene knits provide slash protection

Touchscreen Fingertips – Conductive elements allow device operation without glove removal

Reinforced Palms – Additional leather layers bolsters abrasion and puncture defense

Breathable Backs – Mesh promotes airflow to keep hands cool and dry

Flame Resistant Fabrics – Inherent and treated materials prevent burn injuries

Impact Dispersing Padding – Shock absorbing foam safeguards against blows

Antimicrobial Treatments – Help defend against odor causing bacteria accumulation

Liquid Repellent Coatings – Seal out potentially hazardous wet exposures

Specialized attributes like these help target the risks confronting your hands. So factor them in when choosing your work protection.


An ideal on-the-job glove strikes a balance between safety and comfort. It needs to deliver reliable protection as well as the flexibility and feel to actively use your hands all day long without distraction. Make sure to assess aspects like breathability, grip, and dexterity when trying on gloves. The ultimate test remains wearing that chosen pair for an extended time period under real work conditions.

This allows you to ensure a tailored fit so your hand protection doesn’t interfere with proficient work. No single glove ranks best across all metrics for every user. So take the time to identify your personal perfect fit for hours of high performance hand protection. For over 25 years, Hilton Enterprises has created hand protection solutions guarding against workplace hazards without impeding productivity. 

Their gloves strive to achieve manufacturing excellence by balancing protective properties, functionality, durability and professional-grade quality. Discover more about Hilton’s complete line of gloves purpose-built for trades by contacting them today. Their customer service team stands ready to help find the right fit for your needs from their vast catalog of expertly crafted gloves manufactured at their Faisalabad, Pakistan headquarters.

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