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Hot Sell Gauge Seamless Knitted Gloves


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Seamless Knitted Gloves

Material: They are made in four economic weights of cotton Nylon blended knits and are sized to ensure comfort and a great fit. Specifically constructed without side seams, our string knit work gloves are incredibly comfortable. Used alone, they cut down on minor scrapes and cuts. Used as a glove liner, they add warmth and a second layer of protection. Ideal for assembly, construction, inspection, refuse handling, landscaping, automotive plants, maintenance, parts handling, shipping and receiving. Whether you’re cleaning up the garage, gathering wood during the winter months, or digging a planting hole, these knit gloves will keep your hands protected. Safety Grip Protection Gloves environmentally friendly fabric material offer versatility, strength and durability. Since these gloves are white, they will get dirty. However, these gloves can be washed, dried, and reused.

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