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We invite you to join us at Stand B74 in Hall 4 to explore our latest collection of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Don’t miss out! We look forward to seeing you there.
We invite you to join us at Stand B74 in Hall 4 to explore our latest collection of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Don’t miss out! We look forward to seeing you there.

Cotton knitted Gloves


Workplace hand injuries are unfortunately common, with thousands happening daily. From cuts and abrasions to burns and chemical exposures, our hands face many hazards on the job. Protecting them is crucial for safety and productivity.

Cotton knitted gloves offer a comfortable, versatile option for hand protection across industries. Compared to other materials like leather or synthetic coatings, the soft, breathable cotton lining makes them easy to wear all day. They also facilitate dexterity for handling tools and materials.

As a leading manufacturer of industrial work gloves for over 25+ years, Hilton Enterprises offers an extensive selection of cotton knitted styles tailored to different applications and risk exposures. Whether you need cut-resistant gloves for construction or grippy dotted gloves for oily handling, we have tested and certified options to suit your needs.

In this guide, we’ll explore the key benefits, ideal uses, and considerations for choosing between the various cotton knitted glove types in our catalog.

Seamless Knit Terry Gloves

Our seamless knit terry gloves line the interior with soft terrycloth for exceptional comfort and moisture absorption. By eliminating bulky seams on the inside, they reduce hand fatigue and blister risk during long wear.

The terrycloth’s excellent wicking properties also keep hands dry and comfortable in hot working conditions. This makes the gloves suitable for handling materials, performing assembly work, maintenance tasks, and other light to medium duty applications across sectors like manufacturing, construction, utilities, and more.

We offer terry cotton gloves with optional grip enhancements like PVC dots or nitrile palm coating to improve grip security on slick surfaces. The knitted shell and spandex added for stretch also ensure a flexible custom fit for optimum dexterity compared to tight-fitting rubber or synthetic gloves.

Kevlar Knitted Cotton Work Gloves

For protection against cuts and abrasions, our Kevlar knitted cotton gloves reinforce vulnerable high wear areas on the gloves with durable Kevlar fiber blends. This enhances cut resistance without compromising comfort and breathability.

Kevlar has 5 times the tensile strength of steel by weight, making it excellent at resisting slicing injuries from sharp edges while retaining glove flexibility. We strategically engineer the Kevlar panels using various densities and alignments based on the glove style and intended applications.

Our 13 gauge Kevlar gloves deliver robust ANSI Level A5 cut protection for heavy duty uses. The Kevlar reinforcement runs from mid-palm to the fingertips and wraps over the knuckles for shielding the hands from all angles.

These gloves are ideal for sheet metal handling, machining, automotive repair, and glass/ceramic handling where laceration hazards abound. The gloves are also liquid repellent for a secure grip around oils, fuels, and lubricants. Those working with welding, brazing, and soldering benefit from the inherent flame and spark resistance as well.

Polyester Knit Gloves with PVC dots

For secure grip around slick, wet, or oily surfaces, our dotted cotton gloves coat high contact areas of the palms and fingers with tacky PVC dots. This prevents hand tools and materials from slipping out of grip during lifting, carrying, packaging, and general handling, reducing injury risks from drops or accidental throws.

Dotted gloves significantly outperform regular cotton gloves for grip security on smooth surfaces like metal, plastic, glass, tiles, or produce. But unlike rubbery solid grip coatings, the breathable back-of-hand design prevents overheating and discomfort.

The dots also maintain tactile sensitivity to allow fine manipulations, unlike bulky rubber gloves. These characteristics make PVC dotted cotton knit gloves preferred for handling glass panels, ceramics, or plastic components in manufacturing and construction work. They’re also ideal for produce handling and processing where wet, slimy surfaces abound.

Seamless Knitted Gloves with Single or Double Sided Dots

We offer PVC dotted gloves with grippy dots on just the palm side or both palm and finger sides depending on exposure levels and breathability needs. Single sided dotted styles promote air circulation through the back for staying cool, while double sided maximizes grip coverage for more intense handling in wet environments.

Single sided gloves better suit intermittent handling and short term use for tasks like equipment operation, quality inspections, or livestock handling. The undotted back keeps hands comfortable for extended wear compared to double sided.

Double sided dotted gloves excel for prolonged immersive tasks like sanitization, food processing, or chemical handling where slick surfaces abound both front and back. But they aren’t ideal for warm environments or heavy duty activity where cooling and breathability are important. Ultimately, the ideal configuration depends on your specific handling needs and working conditions.

Seamless Knitted Gloves 7 Gauge and 10 Gauge

Our nylon/polyester blended shell offers glove thickness or “gauge” options between 7gg (0.9mm) for ultra thin flexibility and 10gg (1.2mm) for enhanced durability. This allows choosing the right balance between dexterity, protection, and wear resistance based on your application.

Our 7 gauge seamless knit gloves promote effortless finesse and tactile sensitivity for intricate handling needs. The barely-there feel and stretchy seamless shell facilitate easy grasping and protected manipulation of small, delicate items. These thin knitted gloves really excel at detailed assembly or inspection work requiring manual precision, like electronics production, quality labs, or aerospace manufacturing.

For demanding tasks exposing hands to more frequent contact stresses and abrasions like construction, glass handling, and carpentry, our 10 gauge seamless knit material offers heightened durability without overly sacrificing feel. The dense knit structure better withstands high wear activity while still enabling flexibility for gripping tools and materials throughout busy shifts. You get cut and puncture protection paired with grip and dexterity for reduced hand fatigue.

Choosing the Best Cotton Knitted Work Glove Manufacturer

With so many glove manufacturers in the market, it can get overwhelming finding the right supplier for your needs. Below we share key factors to help evaluate manufacturers:

Quality and Certifications. Insist on globally recognized safety certifications like ANSI and EN388 to validate protective performance claims around cut, puncture and abrasion resistance. Double check expiration dates as standards evolve. Also examine actual quality practices like double needle stitching, reinforced thumb joints, and neatly trimmed edges to avoid premature failures.

Customization Capabilities

Every operation faces unique risks and requirements. Opt for manufacturers offering broad material choices and customization around dimensions, cuff styles, grip enhancements, branding needs etc to best suit your workers hand sizes and exposure profiles. Custom also ensures proper supply chain management.

Ethical and Sustainable Practices

Prioritize vendors actively safeguarding worker health while minimizing environmental footprint across production processes. Ask about safety controls at manufacturing plants, certifications around safe chemical /waste management, water/energy conservation initiatives or community upliftment programs when choosing suppliers.

Testing and Support

Good manufacturers back claims around injury reduction with evidence from simulated real-world trials. They also have technical teams guiding customers on optimal glove selection via surveys, site audits and product sampling. Be wary of vague marketing promises without data or custom guidance. At Hilton Enterprises, we take pride in 25+ years perfecting high performance hand protection guided by rigorous research. 

Our tested durability claims stem from millions of cycle abrasion testing and cut resistance ratings rely on state-of-the-art testing per international standards. With an array of global high visibility clients across sectors, our focus remains enriching worker safety via continued innovation. Reach out today to experience the Hilton difference!

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