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We invite you to join us at Stand B74 in Hall 4 to explore our latest collection of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Don’t miss out! We look forward to seeing you there.
We invite you to join us at Stand B74 in Hall 4 to explore our latest collection of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Don’t miss out! We look forward to seeing you there.

Uniform & Safety Suit


At Hilton Enterprises, we understand the critical importance of having the right uniforms and safety gear for different working environments. With over 25 years of experience as a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality apparel, we offer an extensive range of uniforms and safety suits for diverse industries and applications. Our commitment to using only the highest grade materials, customized design options, and rigorous quality control ensures that every Hilton uniform and safety suit exceeds expectations for comfort, durability as well as safety compliance. In this guide, we cover the key types of uniforms and safety suits in our catalog, including essential workwear, specialized military and security apparel, medical gear and other protective clothing. We also provide tips on choosing the right options for your specific needs.

Understanding Uniforms and Safety Gear

Uniforms and safety suits refer to clothing specifically made for industrial workplaces and high-risk environments. They fulfill a number of important functions:

Visibility & Identification: Distinct uniforms allow for easy visual identification of personnel in facilities with public access or multidisciplinary teams. High visibility safety gear like reflective stripes also helps prevent accidents in low light conditions.

Safety & Protection: Proper uniforms and safety suits shield the wearer from environmental hazards like chemicals, flames, pathogens etc. Specialized materials, strategically placed padding and enhanced coverage provide reliable protection.

Performance & Functionality: Thoughtful design elements like moisture wicking fabrics, knife pleats and multi-pocket construction enhance mobility and functionality for the wearer. Industry-specific enhancements customize uniforms for peak operational performance.

Compliance: Uniforms help organizations maintain safety protocols and industry regulations that govern aspects like protective clothing, identity markers and limited flammability fabrics use.

Hilton Enterprises Uniform and Safety Suit Offerings

Our extensive catalog allows selecting uniforms and safety suits tailored for specialized professional needs across industries and work environments:

Essential Workwear

The foundation of a safe and productive workforce starts with quality workwear essentials manufactured to the highest standards at our state-of-the-art facilities.

Shop Work Trousers for Men

Our priority with the work trouser range is to balance durability with comfort. We utilize resilient 285 GSM fabrics with double layered reinforced knees and seat for heavy-duty wear resistance. An ergonomic gusseted crotch improves ease of movement while welted pockets securely carry tools. Choose from versatile styles including jeans, cargo pants, chinos and more. For colder months, check out the insulated and fleece-lined variants as well. Custom branding and color options are available. Other Workwear Must-Haves: Shop our EN469 certified hi-visibility workwear like jackets, t-shirts, shorts and bib overalls for enhanced visibility. Rugged ripstop, canvas and leather jackets are also available.

Military and Tactical Uniforms

Mission-ready functionality permeates our tactical uniforms designed for defense personnel operating in challenging terrains and extreme environments.

Choose Warm Army Wool Pullovers

Crucial for maintaining peak performance in high altitude areas, our military-spec pullovers utilize premium wool blends to balance weight and insulation. With breathable warmth that works in low temperatures, these army wool pullovers feature rib-knit cuffs and waistbands to lock in heat. Integrated elbow pads provide abrasion resistance and the front zipper adds versatile venting options. Available in versatile solid neutrals that blend into tactical surroundings.

Shop Camouflage Combat Uniforms for Men and Women

Specially engineered to blend into surroundings across multiple terrains, choose from several camouflage patterns like woodland, desert, night desert in our camouflage combat uniforms. Made from durable cotton-poly blends, these uniforms feature Margaretta-style shirt construction with drain holes for enhanced ventilation. The jackets have an integrated wire channel for communication needs along with multiple pockets for gear organization. Matching camo trousers and optional stealth undershirts complete the tactical ensemble.

Look the Part with Security Officer Uniforms

Maintaining an authoritative presence is crucial for effective security operations. Our smart security officer uniforms project professionalism demanded from emergency personnel while allowing optimal mobility. The highly visible shirts are made from lightweight, breathable fabrics with moisture control and anti-static tech for peak performance in long shifts. The creased trousers feature durable fabrics with Scotchgard stain release finish.

Safety Apparel and Protective Gear

Mission critical safety apparel and protective work gear manufactured from innovative fabrics with extensive hazard safeguarding tech:

Surgical Isolation Gowns Prevent Infection Risks

Minimizing pathogen exposure is non-negotiable for maintaining sterilized surgical environments. Our high-quality disposable surgical isolation gowns provide AAMI PB70 standard protection against fluids, bacteria and microorganisms. Made from industry-grade SMS fabrics, these sterile surgical gowns utilize strong coated reinforcement around high-exposure areas prone to strike-through. Choose full back or half back gown variants depending on required coverage. Custom surgical gowns with specialty fabrics like polypropylene are also available.

High Visibility Reflective Jackets

For work environments with moving machinery and vehicles, high visibility safety apparel is a lifesaver. Made from lightweight polyester with segmented silver reflective tapes, the jackets comply with EN ISO 20471 class 2 regulations for enhancing detected presence. Available in a vibrant range of background colors like red, green, orange and yellow with contrast sleeves for maximized visibility. The mesh inner liner offers breathable comfort for movement-intensive jobs.

Protective Coveralls

Our protective coveralls safeguard against liquid chemicals, dust, oil and more. Constructed using heavyweight breathable fabrics with APT nanotechnology for optimal permeability, these coveralls combine triple sealed and taped seams with thumb loops and attached socks for whole body protection. Choose from variants treated for flame retardance, anti-static and acid resistance. Match with protective face masks, goggles and shields for enhanced coverage. We also offer multi-hazard safety pant shirts comprising EN469 certified jackets and EN ISO 20345:2011 compliant trousers for electrical safety, heat/flame resistance and high visibility.

Premium Bistro and Kitchen Aprons

Our wide spectrum safety apparel offerings also includes specialized kitchen aprons tailored for commercial cooking environments. Check out the flame-retardant bistro aprons made from 18 oz heavyweight cotton canvas with fully adjustable straps and quick release buckles. For kitchens, our polyester-blend water-resistant aprons feature strong top & waist ties, ample front pockets as well as side vents for breathability during extended prep shifts.

Why Rely on Hilton Enterprises for Your Uniform & Safety Suit Needs?

As a trusted uniform and safety suit manufacturer serving clients globally for over 25 years, Hilton Enterprises delivers exceptional value through:

Uncompromising Product Quality: By owning the entire supply chain including fabric mills and production units, we maintain strict quality control over materials, processing as well as customizations.

Safety Benchmark Compliance: Our uniforms and safety gear are certified by industry authorities like EN, ANSI and Oeko-Tex among others to meet and exceed quality standards.

Customization Expertise: Leverage our detailed customization options from bespoke design and sourced raw materials to tailored fits, color matches and accessory additions along with branding like embroidery, screen printing etc.

End-to-End Support: Our support doesn’t end with supplying exceptional uniforms and safety suits. We help clients stay updated on emerging workplace regulations and hazards as well as product disposal needs.


We hope this guide offers useful insights into the critical importance of quality uniforms and safety gear in minimizing workplace hazards. Hilton Enterprises is committed to helping organizations protect their employees with high-grade uniforms and protective clothing tailored for specialized needs. To explore our exhaustive range of uniforms and safety equipment, visit Hiltonenterprises.com or speak to our sales representatives now to get started.

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