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We invite you to join us at Stand B74 in Hall 4 to explore our latest collection of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Don’t miss out! We look forward to seeing you there.
We invite you to join us at Stand B74 in Hall 4 to explore our latest collection of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Don’t miss out! We look forward to seeing you there.

Under garments


As a premier manufacturer and supplier of high-quality undergarments for over 25 years, Hilton Enterprises understands the intricacies involved in sourcing the ideal fabrics and materials for crafting comfortable, long-lasting undergarments tailored to our clients’ unique needs and preferences. Across two facilities, we offer an unbeatable combination of expertise, innovation, and well-honed quality assurance practices for manufacturing diverse undergarment styles including ladies’ panties, sports shorts, woven boxers, and boxer briefs.

In this guide, we aim to provide comprehensive information for businesses seeking reliable undergarment manufacturers and suppliers, including:

  • Key factors to evaluate when choosing an undergarment manufacturer/supplier
  • An overview of Hilton Enterprises’ undergarment manufacturing capabilities and commitment to service excellence
  • In-depth exploration of our manufacturing process for various undergarment categories and available customization options
  • Guidance on partnering with us as a trusted undergarment source

Choosing the Right Undergarment Manufacturer/Supplier

With the sheer variety of undergarment styles serving diverse needs available today, selecting the ideal manufacturing partner involves careful evaluation of several key parameters.

Product Quality

As undergarments are worn in close contact with skin, product quality is paramount. When gauging quality, key aspects to analyze include:

Materials Used: Soft, breathable fabrics like cotton, microfiber blends, spandex, lace, etc. must be preferred based on the undergarment style and purpose. Construction techniques using flat locked seams, tagless labeling, and reinforced elastic also enhance durability.

Craftsmanship: Neat stitching, reinforced leg bands in boxer briefs, finely woven lace details in lingerie reflect skilled craftsmanship. Well-constructed undergarments maintain their shape and withstand repeated use and washes.

Testing and Quality Checks: Rigorous testing during pre-production sampling coupled with quality inspection of finished products is vital. Checks must assess dimensional stability after washing, colorfastness, tensile strength etc.

Certifications: Reputable undergarment manufacturers comply with quality certifications like ISO 9001, which reflects consistency in quality practices.

Production Capacity and Capabilities

The manufacturing partner must have the infrastructure and skilled workforce to handle production volumes per client specifications. Critical considerations include:

  • Production capacity across equipment/labor to meet order quantities
  • Range of undergarment styles accommodated
  • Raw material sourcing and inventory management
  • Customization abilities for design, cuts, fabrics etc.
  • Warehouse space for inventory storage
  • Supply chain management and shipping infrastructure

For instance, our capacity includes production of 60,000 panty units per day while 15,000 pieces of woven boxers. We also maintain over 300 certified suppliers and surplus raw material stock to meet client needs.

Lead Times and Minimums

Realistic turnaround times, especially for bulk orders or complex custom undergarments, is key. Also clarify minimum order quantities and categories accommodated from the start. Our average production lead time is 45-60 days from order approval and minimums vary by style from 1000-5000 units.

Pricing Models and Payment Terms

Pricing models can include cost per unit quoted upfront for specific order specifications or periodic bulk rate contracts for large businesses. Flexible invoicing and payment terms ease procurement processes for clients. Our pricing is fully transparent without hidden fees and we accept prepayment or payment within 30 days on approval.

Social and Environmental Commitment

With rising ethical consumerism, choosing manufacturers committed to sustainable production through renewable energy, ethical labor practices, and waste reduction is key. As a B Corporation certified company, Hilton Enterprises upholds rigorous standards for our environmental and community impact. Over 42% of our energy consumption is offset by rooftop solar panels and we invest in health insurance and training for all our factory workers. We also recycle over 60% of fabric scrap within production.

Undergarments Manufacturing At Hilton Enterprises

Our ladies undergarments range allows clients to source diverse panty styles and materials from us in line with latest intimate apparel trends.

Ladies Panties

With delicate folds, lace details, and sleek silhouettes defining modern panties, our manufacturing expertise spans a spectrum for functional and sensual needs.

Sports Shorts

Athletic shorts balance breathability with muscular compression – both integral for ease of movement. These shorts are constructed using warp knitting or bonded seams for 4-way stretch, these have ergonomic groin gussets and grippers at leg openings engineered to contour thighs and angles of hip flexion. This delivers mobility while preventing ride-ups or skin chafing.

Woven Boxers and Briefs 

Pairing plush comfort with structured longevity, our manufacturing capabilities cover both woven boxers and briefs for day-long ease across relaxed weekends to overnight comfort desired by many.

Woven Boxers

Prioritizing breathability, our premium woven boxers crafted from soft, pre-shrunk fabrics avoid bunching while retaining structure wash after wash. Choices span:

Why Choose Hilton Enterprises?

As industry veterans with over 500 large corporate clients across the globe, clients rely on our expertise to translate their undergarment requirements into high-quality, innovative products tailored for end-users. With both offshore and domestic sourcing capabilities, we are a one-stop production house meeting client needs on budget and on schedule.

In particular, our strengths include:

  • Strict quality assurance procedures ensure over 99% defect-free bulk order delivery consistently. 
  • Our decade-long supplier relationships also facilitate flexibility for specialty materials.
  • With quick turnaround prototype creation in 2-3 weeks and transparent production coordination, we help clients get products to market faster.
  • By harnessing creative expertise across textiles and undergarment design, we help clients upgrade collection styles and engineering for enhanced comfort and function.
  • Our ethical, eco-conscious production processes uplift workers and local communities while reducing environmental footprint.
  • We now offer deeper insight into our production processes across key undergarment categories.
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