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Leading Gloves Manufacturer in Pakistan

Hilton Enterprises, established in 1970, proudly stands as a premier gloves manufacturer in Pakistan, providing top-quality products for global safety. Our dedication to quality extends across various industries, meeting specific needs. With a growing presence spanning the Middle East, Europe, North and South America, we now serve over 500 clients in these regions. Hilton Enterprises is widely recognized for its quality, reliability, and commitment

A safety glove shields hands from a range of risks, including cuts, chemical exposure, abrasions, impact, and biohazards. It’s essentially a type of work glove, and the choice of the right glove matters significantly. Few industries are devoid of risks like cuts, abrasions, or punctures. From swinging hammers on construction sites to moving heavy objects or working in mechanic garages, various jobs put hands at risk of impact injuries.

Leather Gloves

Crafted from high-quality leather, these gloves provide robust protection, commonly used in construction, welding, and other heavy-duty tasks. Leather gloves safeguard against occupational hazards. For instance, beekeepers use them to prevent bee stings, and construction workers benefit from improved grip and hand protection.

Hot Mill Gloves

Typically combining cotton and leather, these gloves are durable and comfortable, ideal for outdoor work such as gardening, farming, and construction. They protect against rough surfaces and abrasions while maintaining flexibility and dexterity.

PVC Dotted Gloves

Made from lightweight cotton with a raised pattern of dots on the palms and fingers, these gloves provide a secure grip and excellent dexterity. Sectors like packaging and assembly lines, where a firm grip is essential, greatly benefit from drill-dotted gloves.

Seamless Gloves

Crafted from a single piece of fabric, seamless gloves eliminate discomfort caused by seams. They offer outstanding flexibility and sensitivity, making them ideal for assembly line work, packaging, and other tasks requiring precision.

Leather Gloves

Made from a cotton-polyester blend, these gloves excel in heat resistance and protection against hot surfaces. Industries like metal fabrication and glass manufacturing, which involve high temperatures, find Hotmill gloves indispensable, enhancing workers’ safety in such environments.

Interlock Gloves

These heavy-weight cotton blend gloves offer excellent durability and resistance to abrasions. Construction, mining, and other heavy-duty work environments greatly benefit from interlock gloves.

Jersey Gloves

Made from lightweight, breathable cotton fabric, these gloves are versatile for general-purpose use, including gardening, cleaning, and light industrial work. They offer exceptional flexibility and dexterity, making them a popular choice for a wide range of tasks.

Terry Gloves

Crafted from looped cotton fabric, terry gloves offer excellent absorbency and comfort. Industries such as food services and hospitality, where workers handle hot plates and dishes, find terry gloves indispensable.

We are the top manufacturer of gloves in Pakistan. At our manufacturing facility, we offer a wide range of gloves in various sizes, materials, and colors to cater to your specific needs. Whether you require gloves for construction, food service, medical procedures, or any other purpose, we have the perfect gloves for you. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

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