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We invite you to join us at Stand B74 in Hall 4 to explore our latest collection of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Don’t miss out! We look forward to seeing you there.
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Guide to Buying Quality Bed Sheets Online in Pakistan

Purchasing bed sheets online in Pakistan can seem daunting with the wide variety of fabrics, thread counts, and prices available. However, armed with the right information, you can confidently shop for durable, comfortable, and aesthetically-pleasing bedsheets tailored to your needs and budget. This comprehensive guide provides tips for choosing the best bedsheets online and top Pakistan bedsheet brands to consider.

Factors to Consider When Buying Bedsheets Online

6 different plain colours bed sheets

Several key factors determine bedsheet quality and performance. Keep these in mind when assessing your options:


The fabric greatly impacts the feel, durability, and breathability of bedsheets. Popular options include:

  • Cotton: Naturally soft and breathable. Pure cotton is ideal for hot sleepers. The longer the cotton fibers (like Pima or Egyptian), the softer and more durable the fabric.
  • Cotton-polyester blends: Combine cotton’s softness with polyester durability and wrinkle resistance. Just ensure a higher percentage of cotton for breathability.
  • Linen: Made from flax fibers. Linen offers exceptional airflow and a light, crisp feel. However, it wrinkles easily.
  • Microfiber: Lightweight, smooth and wrinkle-resistant. Great for budget shoppers, although less breathable than natural fabrics.
  • Satin: Silky-soft and shiny fabric woven from silk or polyester. Provides a luxurious look and feel.

Consider your budget, sleeping needs, and aesthetic preferences when choosing fabric. Breathability is also key in Pakistan’s hot climate.

Thread Count

Thread count signifies the number of threads woven into one square inch of fabric. Many assume higher is better, but this isn’t always true. Ultra-high thread counts (over 600) can use low-quality threads that tear easily. For long-lasting performance, aim for 200-400 thread count when buying pure cotton or linen and 400-600 for blended fabrics.


Check the stitching, seams, and hems for tight, even construction without loose threads. Better construction means better durability. Also inspect bedsheets for shrinkage and dye bleed before purchasing by stretching them lightly. High-quality bedsheets won’t deform or bleed dye when pulled.


Choose bed sheets sized to your mattress to prevent ill-fitting sheets that pop off corners. Review mattress and bed sheet dimensions carefully when shopping online.

Top Bedsheet Brands in Pakistan

Many reputable brands manufacture quality bedsheets in Pakistan. When evaluating brands, research transparency around fabric content, manufacturing standards, and customer reviews:

Hilton Enterprises

hilton enterprises logo

In business for over 25 years, Hilton Enterprises produces hospital-grade sheets, hotel linens, comforter sets, and more from their factory in Faisalabad. Their products come in stylish designs and substantial 200 thread count pure cotton well-suited to Pakistan’s climate. Hilton focuses on durability, safety, and hygiene for their hospital and hotel clientele. Their experience translates into bed sheets made to last through regular home use and washing.

Gul Ahmed

gul ahmed logo

A leading name in textiles, Gul Ahmed sells premium bedsheets crafted from the finest materials like long-staple cotton, linen, and silk. Their Empire collection, for instance, uses lustrous 300-thread count Egyptian cotton. With attention to global trends and quality control, Gul Ahmed produces innovative prints and solids to match modern tastes. While the higher-end pricing reflects their top-tier fabrics and construction, you’re guaranteed heirloom-quality bed sheets.


khaadi logo

The ethically-sourced cottons and silks used in Khaadi’s traditional bedsheet designs have made them mainstays of Pakistani households. They consistently offer classic white sheets along with colorful options like ajrak prints and tie-dye. Reasonable prices coupled with regular sales make Khaadi an affordable choice. Just note that finer details like stitching may vary between collections in exchange for fashion-forward style.

Other Notable Brands

Sapphire, Ideas, Bonanza Satrangi, Ego, Limelight, and Daaman also manufacture quality bedsheets available online in Pakistan using trusted fabrics like long-staple cotton, microfiber, linens, satins, and more. Shop around and compare construction, user reviews, and pricing across brands when possible.

Tips for Buying Bed Sheets Online in Pakistan

Follow this advice for stress-free bedsheet purchasing:

  • Set a budget: Prices range widely based on fabrics and brands. Having a budget saves time filtering options.
  • Read reviews: Check feedback on durability, shrinkage, dye bleed, fabric feel, and customer service before choosing sellers with consistent positive ratings.
  • Compare thread counts fairly: Don’t assume 1,000 thread count sheets are best. Focus on quality threads over inflated numbers.
  • Consider fabric blends: Go with polyester-cotton blends if you prioritize wrinkle-resistance and easy maintenance. Pick pure cotton or linen for exceptional breathability.
  • Check sizing charts: Cross-reference your exact mattress dimensions against size charts when possible to prevent ill-fitting sheets.
  • Inspect construction: Search close-up images for tight, consistent stitching without loose threads.
  • Ask about returns: In case of defects or incorrect sizing, confirm return shipping policies before purchase.

Following these tips when browsing top Pakistan bedsheet brands online will help you select the best bedsheets for your needs and ensure a satisfactory buying experience delivered direct to your home. With some diligence, you can feel rejuvenated on quality, comfortable sheets tailored just for you.

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